New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

After a tough year, we are completely ready to welcome 2017 with happiness and optimism. We hope you feel the same. There’s only way to achieve that though: To be utterly happy. How is this happening? By taking care of ourselves, listening to our body and its needs and by doing things that make us smile more.

Like every year, we have prepped our New Year Resolutions list to faithfully follow them and to not quit in the middle of the year. Our goal is to offer you some inspiration too…

  • I will train for my own personal pleasure
  • I will not hurt myself to break my limits
  • I will establish normal goals for this year
  • I will train when I’m in the mood and only then
  • I will eat when I want to without guilt
  • I will smile more
  • I will love my body and will listen to what it needs, whether it’s rest or fun
  • And if I can’t take it anymore, I’ll take a break and breathe
If you need a push, every time something happens or you feel like you’re falling apart, you can always come back here and give yourself a reminder. It’s important to tell him that it’s not a bad thing to stop, sit back and relax until you’re ready to jump back in. Never forget to Train for Pleasure!