Let's Get Physical

Let's Get Physical

“Let’s get physical” used the girls in the 80’s to say and danced their days and nights in gyms and discotheques with sexy colourful bodysuits and tight leggings leaving so little hidden. The golden age of glitter, as we like to call it, was loved by so many women because it gave them the chance to feel free and to spice things up by being sexier. With Madonna as their role model, even though she was harshly judged, women around the world has their revolution.

Bodysuits with high-waisted side cut put together with low-rise leggings or sweatpants, was everyone’s favourite combination for gym or casual looks. For Bodytalk, this look was never in the past. We love women and we love freedom. Bodytalk’s woman is cool and comfortable from day to night. She loves dressing up sporty, but she never neglects to show her feminine side. And that is why, she never fails to choose flattering clothes for her body, even when she is overwhelmed with responsibilities.

Don’t waste more time and discover the #bodytalk must-have bodysuits that will get your covered for all your needs. They will complete your athletic outfit when training. They will be perfect for your dance or yoga class. They will even get paired with your favourite pair of jeans for everyday outfits that will stand out. Choose one or all here.

Women's bodysuit designed on a flexible line

Women's bodysuit with racer back and quite open neckline

Women's bodysuit with special printing