Drinking Water

Water: Truths and Myths

Drinking Water

Water: Truths and Myths

Water helps in weight loss- Lie

Natural water does not help you lose weight, although those who drink 6-8 cups a day, may feel less appetite, because water acts on the nerve system which controls both thirst, and hunger senses. As for the carbonated water, bubbles tend to offer a temporary satiety because momentarily they distend the stomach wall.

Sparkling water helps digestion - Truth

Sparkling water, namely those containing carbon dioxide content greater than 250mg per liter, undoubtedly help in digestion. Also the ones containing sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) contribute to digestion, accelerating gastric emptying. If consumed on an empty stomach in the contrary they get less overwhelming to gastric acidity.

Natural water on room temperature stops thirst- Truth

It has been found that acidic natural water with some lemon juice in it, can help you thirst sense. Especially if the water is at room temperature, the effect lasts longer. Acidic water fights against the sweet or salty taste that awakens the thirst, and because it balances pH levels that have been disrupted because of the loss of internal fluids.

When we feel thirsty, we are already dehydrated - Truth

Indeed, our body is slightly dehydrated when we feel thirst. Enough to think that a dehydration rate of about 2% difficult for the body to regulate its internal temperature.

Too much water is indigestible - Lie

Just as the lack of water proved to be harmful for the body, so as the state high hydration may become negative. Not only for the digestion system but also for the risk of tearing off your kidneys, especially in older people with impaired renal function.

Water can fight the low pressure - Truth

A study recently published in the journal "Hypertension", revealed that water can reduce the risk of passing on hypotensive and sharpens alertness and concentration. This is because it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for basic functions such as digestion, breathing and heart beat.

Without water a person can withstand only one day - Lie

No, we can withstand from two to four days. It should be noted however that a loss of water equal to 10% of the atomic weight can cause extreme weakness, as this omission reduces the total blood volume, causing less blood supply to the heart and thus limited oxygenation of the body with serious muscular and neurological effects. A dehydration of 5% causes cramps, fatigue and irritability, and when it reaches 7%, can even cause hallucinations.

The urine color betrays the possible dehydration - Truth

If a man does not drink a lot of water during the day, then the urine get scanty and dark. This happens because the body wants to avoid further loss of fluids and makes the urine more concentrated.

There is water for every need!

Depending on age or health status, specific types of water are recommended.
Find one that suits your needs.

For hypertension: Water with a low concentration of sodium, which helps to eliminate toxins.

For heart patients: Mineral water is recommended. It is rich in calcium and magnesium and it was found to be capable of preventing the attack and protect the coronary arteries.

For pregnant women and those suffering from osteoporosis: High in calcium water (150mg per liter) is best suited, due to the increased calcium intake that pregnant women need, and also those who suffer from osteoporosis. Note that the ability of the intestine to absorb calcium from water is similar to the corresponding absorbability of  milk.

For the athletic types: Best suitable water is the one rich in minerals, especially calcium, iron, chlorine and sodium, which improves their performance.

For those suffering from kidney stone: Recommended water is one with low percentage of minerals which stimulates urination, thus preventing the formation of tartar and favoring the elimination of any existing one.