Break your limits!


Break your limits!


The CrossFit workout program has already won millions of fans worldwide, as its innovative method is based on teamwork, high performances and competition, but also on alternating workout routines with a wide range of exercises. At the same time, it improves physical fitness giving immediate and impressive results.


CrossFit is an exercise program that requires from the athlete to incorporate a wide range of different training routines, such as gymnastics, weight lifting, sprinting and running drills.

However, the most important feature about CrossFit, is the fact that the different types of exercises bring together skills such as accuracy, balance, coordination, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, speed, power etc. In this way, the athlete "works" more than one skill with each workout. It includes a wide variety of exercises; basic gymnastic exercises (floor exercises, horizontal bar, gymnastics rings), exercises for kinetic-skill building (double ropes), weightlifting exercises (clean or jerk and snatch movements), rowing, throwing programs and plyometric (jump-boxes) exercises. What is also important is that each athlete is a member of a community whose main characteristic is motivation and cooperation.


The workouts are divided into warm-up, training and recovery. In the main part (workout of the day) the final performance of the athlete is measured, which derives from the training "volume" in relation to the training time.

CrossFit is an exercise program that improves physical fitness through a set of exercises that reinforce the cooperation of the human muscles, improve the cardiovascular system, increase speed and strength levels, and decrease the percentage of body fat.


We could say that Crossfit is a sport like all the others, because every workout aims at the highest performance depending either on the time or the number of repetitions. The training schedule changes every day and is escalated accordingly, depending on each athlete’s fitness levels.


Despite the usage of Crossfit in the army, the navy, and by professional athletes as a training program, it is addressed to all the people who wish to be fit and healthy, to men and women of every age (because the exercises differ immensely according to the degree of difficulty), whereas the needs of each athlete differ only in the degree of difficulty and not in the type of exercises.


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