Top 5 November Picks

Top 5 November Picks

Your excuses are over and your summer clothes need to be stored at the bottom of your closet. Winter is here, like for real and the need for warmer clothes is huge. We are here for you with solutions, to help you renew your clothes. That’s why we put together the 5 hottest products of the month. All you must do is to add them in your list and start shopping.

Are you cold during training? No biggie! This sports bra is made from a heavy fabric and a nice lining which will keep you warm, no matter the hour of the day you choose to train.

Do you love cool t-shirts? You can choose this long-sleeved top to complete your everyday looks.

And with this print, how will you ever take it off?

Whether it’s yoga, whether it’s casual walks, a pair of warm cotton sweatpants, will be a lifesaver. Choose one like this with its special textile

and fabric on the waist for extra warmth.

Never underestimate the power of a warm and cozy hoodie during winter. Our suggestion? This bright shade,

to add some colour to your cloudy winter days with extra fleece lining.

Black sweatpants might be a necessarily part of your winter wardrobe, but this does not that it has to be plain. Upgrade your looks with this design,

which features a quilted surface on the inseam and elastic bans at the end.