Top 5 January Picks

Top 5 January Picks

The annual sales are already going strong for a month now and the in store temptations are everywhere. The ultimate secret is planning and clear thinking. What do you really need? Where should you shop this sale period? We come to your rescue with solutions, to help you renew your clothes. That’s why we put together the 5 hottest products of the month. All you must do is to add them in your list and start shopping.

A sleeveless puffy jacket is one of the hottest trends of the season. Besides that, it’s a piece in your wardrobe that will keep you warm, while you go out there and live your life. Pick the pink one and trust us, you won’t regret it.

Along with the 90’s, another thing that has done a comeback was distinctive logos. Acquire a cool look, with this bdtk pair of leggings that will save your day. Don’t let the fear of black strike you down. It has a pop of fuchsia on the back of your ankle that will make you smile.

Remember that thin top without a hoodie that you weren’t sure if you were going to wear a lot? Now it’s your chance to buy it. Choose one like this and play around with the three-colour combination. You can even pair it with your favourite pair of jeans for more outfits.

Where you in desperate need of a grey or black sweatpants, but had no idea what to choose? We suggest this piece because it fits perfectly on the silhouette and plus, it has a quite impressive print on the back of the calf.

Hoodies are never enough. Especially if we’re talking about a piece designed in a comfort line to offer hands freedom. This particular hoodie, can be worn while running, training in the gym or even in casual outings.