Top 5 December Picks

Top 5 December Picks

You are probably sick and tired of total black outfits that you wear every single day. And we get that. Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you must be dressed in black the whole time. There are many ways to play around with colours. We come to your rescue with solutions, to help you renew your clothes. That’s why we put together the 5 hottest products of the month. All you must do is to add them in your list and start shopping.

A warm light grey top with a colourful print will instantly uplift your mood. Choose this blouse because it will help you stand out and will keep you warm in style. It’s long and it will perfectly cover your hips. Wear it leggings and jeans too!

A cotton pair of leggings is the perfect purchase for these freezing days. Choose one with a bright colour, like this, that will keep you warm in style. You can easily wear it with the rest of your clothes and make an impression with the side print.

A gym bag, like this one, will be your favourite accessory. Its quilted surface makes it super special, which means that you will wear it for a long time. You can hold it with your everyday looks and your after-gym outings.

A brand-new hoodie is everything you need to fight the cold days of the month. Go for this one, because of its big print and bright colour.

A grey pair of pants, like this one, might seem very common at the beginning, but if you look closely, you will be surprised with many details. Pick this particular pair of sweatpants to maintain your favourite classic looks by giving them a twist.