How many times have you wandered around for hours, in order to find the perfect type of pants for your body? How many times have you visited different stores and tried on numerous designs of pants? We know, a lot and we also know that this is a common phenomenon for women, because we all have different type of bodies.

Since its birth, Bodytalk wants to provide you with the perfect pair of pants. The one that will truly love to wear on an everyday basis. The one that you won’t be able to take off. And also the one that you will come back for it, even after many seasons.

Read below, discover all the different types of pants and find your best #bodytak fit:

  • If you have a thin torso and want to point out your bum, better go for a skinny type of pants, that will fit you perfectly.
  • If you love the classic, comfortable pants, but you do not like the tight ending, you can choose a regular fit pair of pants.
  • Can’t live without comfort? A loose inseam fit pair of pants would be great for you.
  • If you want to highlight your bootie, but in a more distinctive way, you should go for a bootleg fit.
  • Are you more of a classic type? Then a regular cinch design with band on the ending will be your favourite.