To lose a few pounds or to lose 10 pounds. To train a lot, to go to the gym 5 times a week, to start saving money, to finally ask for that promotion I’ve been wanting, to be my own boss, to quit smoking, to drink and eat less, to do 500 sit-ups daily, to use the stairs for the 5th floor.


We’re bound to agree that lists are one of the most obsessive things on this planet. And that is why most of these lists contain things that we think we must do, but not actually want to do. We always have that great master plan in our minds that we can have a new start by New Year’s Eve, but a real restart can happen at any given time of the year, if our hearts are in it. 


But it is inevitable, some habits are in our DNA and these lists are happening. Again. So, let’s do it a bit different this time, with things that fill our hearts with happiness. We promise to


-        Listen to ourselves

-        Love our bodies

-        Train because we love our bodies and not because we hate it

-        To evolve through things that we enjoy

-        Soaking the sunlight more

-        Hanging out with our friends

-        Enjoy a nice meal without guilt

-        Finally start those dancing lessons


The list might be endless for everyone, or it could include just one thing. What’s important is to track down this thing on focus on it. It’s easy if it is what we truly want. We just have to lock on the target and go after it. It’s your time to shine. Happy New Year!