Bodytalk S.A.

Bdtk expresses the positive attitude of life and the pleasure that you take from whatever your body does! Movement is of paramount importance for the joy and the satisfaction of life. 

Our motto is Train for [pleasure]. Every one of us trains for different reasons and for his own pleasure. Bdtk advocates everybody’s freedom to choose what gives him pleasure.

Bdtk tries to encourage you to include movement in your life. This is the safest way to have a healthy and happy life!  Our value is the development and the empowerment of our body in such a way in order to constitute a pleasure and not a suppression.

Everything begins from our body and it can give you the motivation for everything. Believe in it and make your body your partner to the enjoyment of life. 
Our vision is to make our people to feel well with their body and to love it as exactly it is. We want to see people enjoying their training and have a good time when in practice, taking pleasure every day from the relationship with their body. 

Our mission is to design and produce training clothes which fit in every type of body and remain fashionable. Functional and durable clothes for every type of exercise.