We live in a time that pushing yourself beyond the limits to run faster or do more push-ups and squats is considered quite normal.

We live in a time that picking the same weights for weeks is considered quite faulty.

We live in a time that female sexiness is indicated by a flawless body and women are obedient to hundreds of do's and dont's which define how attractive they may look.

We live in a time that we tend to forget the basics. We run, we train, we do yoga and pilates, we do sports, foremost to have fun and enjoy ourselves and our bodies. To feel good and alive.

If Bodytalk were a superhero, they would look you in the eye and they would vanish all the do's and dont's that torment you in the gym or during your training. If Bodytalk were a superhero, their motto would be 'Train for pleasure!'.

Train. For. Pleasure. Three words that plan to build your perception about sports and exercise, from scratch

Our message is clear. There are no implications here. Our message is “Relax and stop feeling guilty that you don't have Usain Bolt's or Fraser-Pryce's genes!”. Training is on of the most precious gifts you can make to yourself. It's not a full-time job. It can't be guided by such hard rules. You can't be happy while starving to remain fit. Bodytalk aims to exonerate the fact that you 're just a normal person that trains for fun, and not the informal champion of your neighborhood’s gym.

Don't go crazy if you don't do 3.000 squats a day. Don't worry if you 're not perfect at the TRX exercises. It's OK if the guy next to you runs faster. Train to have fun. It's the easiest thing there is. Don't turn it into the most difficult.

Since 1996, Bodytalk designs and manufactures sports clothing. For 20 years on, Bodytalk remains consistent on what exercise should advocate in our lives. Exercise is expressing ourselves, exercise is about joy, living, it's a nice way to meet new people, it's there to boost your confidence and make you look even sexier than you do. Exercise is not a means of adding trouble to your everyday life.

Do yourself a favor and break the rules that the modern lifestyle imposes on you. Have fun with your training! If you do it, your friends will follow. Eventually, everyone will train for fun!

Come on and train for pleasure. You deserve it!